Let’s go British ! – English Week in ICHB

Last week, between 9 and 12th of December, the English department in ICHB organized a compelling English week which comprised of a large range of activities. On Monday a traditional British food stall and an old fashion English costume parade brought a fascinating Shakespearean atmosphere in our school. On Tuesday the English tombola offered our students plenty of opportunities to answer general knowledge questions and win numerous prizes like sweets, candies, souvenirs or Christmas decorations. Two days in a row, Wednesday and Thursday, our pupils  had the chance to buy reading, grammar and vocabulary books, FCE, CAE, IELTS, SAT preparation courses, dictionaries, etc  from two famous publishing houses: Uniscan and Oxford-Niculescu. Thursday was declared the game day when ICHB students played Scrabble, solved anagrams, puzzles, word search, etc. The week culminated with a movie day when students watched a gripping film in the conference room. I hope you will enjoy the pictures attached to the article.   


English Department ICHB