Six awards at conference

On the 23rd of April 2015, ‘’The seminar on themes from Anglo-Saxon culture and civilization’’-the 11th edition took place at the Ecological University in Bucharest. The event was organised by the Theoretical Highschool ‘’Al. I. Cuza’’ in collaboration with ISMB –The County Education Inspectorate of Bucharest. Our students were presented with first and second prize for their compelling Power Point presentations on different topics as follows:

‘’The American Dream’’ –first prize – Ciortoloman Kandra- year 11 D

‘’Henry the VIII’’ –first prize- Mitrutoiu Alexandra – year 10 C

‘’The History of Music’’ –first prize – Dumitru Calin-year 10 A

‘’Nikola Tesla’’ – first prize – Dan Miches –year 9 D

‘’Agatha Christie’’ –second prize –Tudorache Ana –year 9 A

‘’Queen Mary and the Religious War’’-second prize-Ion Tudor -year 9 D

We congratulate the students for their results and wish them good luck in the future competitions.

English Department ICHB